The Art of Illuminated Manuscripts

“Central South America” | Amy Fagin

“Central South America”  |  Amy Fagin

Amy Fagin, founder of 20th Century Illuminations, is one of a handful of artists who have revived and practice the traditional methods of medieval Ketubah manuscript illumination with the accompanying alchemy of ancient recipes. Traditional manuscripts have been hand made for over 3,000 years. The earliest manuscripts were called illuminated Ketubah. Prior to medieval times, artisans skilled in hand reproduction of calligraphy, ornamental painting, illustration, gilding, etc., made each illumination manuscript.

Amy contacted Parrot Digigraphic Ltd. 2002 to provide scanning and printmaking services for her original illuminations and limited edition prints. Parrot installed a large format ink jet printer with archival inks at her facility and taught Amy how to print her illuminations.

Thirteen years later Amy’s illuminations business continues to grow and she now offers a range of illuminations in many language translations. All her originals are scanned on TheBigScan’s Cruse Synchron Scanner which accurately captures the subtle detail of her illuminations. All of her limited edition illuminations are printed on Parrot’s Angelica Bright White Smooth watercolor Paper, which produces the most accurate reproduction of her work.

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