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Recently  Rebecca Schreiber, founder of Paper Confections, brought her unique original artwork to TheBigScan for digital capture.

"Butterfly on Glass" - Rebecca Schreiber

“Butterfly on Glass” – Rebecca Schreiber

Having a scientific background, she determined that the Cruse scanner was the only digital capture technology capable of scanning her artwork. The Cruse Digital Capture System can accurately capture work up to 48” x 72” in a single pass scan. The scanner has a 10” depth-of-field allowing it to accurately and faithfully capture color, detail and texture even in a deep glass-covered shadow box.

"Red Turtle" - Rebecca Schreiber

“Red Turtle” – Rebecca Schreiber

Rebecca’s beautiful artwork collection included unique 3-D art paper creations in deep shadow boxes under glass and leaded stained glass art. She wanted to capture the 3-D aspects, texture and detail of the artwork without removing the artwork from the frames or the shadow boxes. The capabilities of the Cruse and TheBigScan’s Color Calibration Technology satisfied all of her requirements resulting in the most accurate large format scans available.

Rebecca commented, “My paper art is more dimensional than an oil painting and when framed in a shadow box becomes even more dimensional.  TheBigScan’s knowledge of optics, scanning and color technology maximizes the capabilities of the CRUSE scanner which resulted in scans that exceeded my expectations for the dimensionality and integrity of my original artwork.”

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  1. I had over 15 works which needed to be scanned for an impending deadline and John efficiently turned around my complicated job in short order. I highly recommend John Lorusso, Parrot Digigraphic and TheBigScan.

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