Cruse Scans for Architects, Designers & Building Material Providers

Scans of Architectural, Designer & Building Materials

Scans of Architectural, Designer & Building Materials

Architects and Designers require large format scans of architectural and concept for their presentations to prospective clients. Building material manufacturers and distributors need large, high definition scans for their marketing and sales literature.

The Cruse Scanner is ideally suited for these scanning applications because it has a 10″ depth of field assuring that the scans will be in sharp focus and color accurate.

Clients  come to TheBigScan with a range of materials including granite, marble, fabric, wood, metal, flooring, siding, and roofing singles accurately displaying the veining, weave,  texture, and subtle detail.  Architects, Building Departments, Historical Societies and Building Contractors bring drawings, which have been rolled and old drawings that are very fragile, be scanned on the Cruse 48″x72″ vacuum bed without fear of damage.

Recently an Architect commented, “TheBigScan has the best scanning and printing capabilities in the Northeast. We do a lot of historical restoration work and are often working with original building drawings that are very fragile and over 100 years old. The Cruse scans and the drawings that TheBigScan prints are great. Their quick turnaround on time sensitive projects is a big plus.”


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  1. Being in floor manufacturing, our marketing collateral needs scans that are high quality, color accurate, and provide life-like detail to convey what the floor actually looks but on flat paper. TheBigScan has gone beyond our expectations. The depth of field capture helps simulate the texture of our flooring. Some of our samples are large, heavy, and abrasive — so a traditional scanner bed couldn’t do the job. We’ve been very happy with how the scans have turned out, and will continue to use TheBigScan for future scanning. They’re the only ones who can do it, and do it well.

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