Distressed Photos and Artwork? Consider Digital Restoration

Do you have old family photos, documents or artwork that that have deteriorated or are damaged? Frequently family heirlooms are meaningful to more than one person which creates a dilemma – How can these items be shared?  We suggest digital restoration of the original and high quality ink jet prints of the restored work.

TheBigScan specializes in digital restoration. A recent project was the restoration of a severely damaged and faded oval photograph c.1927.

NTE _GGM_4x5Digital restoration begins with a high resolution scan that accurately captures the look and feel of the work. The scanner must have a large, neutral balanced gray scale range, be color accurate and have a large depth of field to pick up subtle detail. Our Cruse Synchron scanner is capable of scanning items up to 48” x 72” in a single pass. In many cases we can scan the item without removing it from the frame avoiding potential damage.

NTE_Final_4x5Using PhotoShop or other imaging application  the digital file is adjusted and enhanced to restore the work to its original appearance. A media is then selected that will simulate the look of the original work. The adjusted digital file is printed using archival inks and the selected archival media.

If you have any questions on digital restoration contact us.

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