Optimized Photographic Images on Watercolor Paper

“Concord River”

A former graphic designer turned photographer, Joan Kocak’s award-winning fine art prints are exhibited in New England galleries. A native of the Northeast, her images are infused with a deep connection to the land and water of the area.

Joan uses a process of combining layers of photographs of different “grunge” items, such as dirty snow, peeling paint and cracked sidewalks, to produce textures that add a painterly feeling to the original photograph.

“Most of the locations where I shoot have great significance for me, and often remind me of specific people in my life, both here and gone. My images often convey a sense of aloneness and quiet reverie.”

“North Bridge Fog”

Joan’s images have such a unique look. She had worked with several printmakers and was disappointed with their ability to showcase the subtle detail of her works on watercolor paper.  “I wanted a paper with a watercolor paper look to it, and at Parrot Digigraphic there are so many great options that complement my images.  I always feel that the final result is truly beautiful.”

For more details on Joan’s  artwork visit www.joankocakphotography.com


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  1. Being a rather picky customer, I find I’m consistently pleased with the fast, gorgeous results from Parrot Digigraphic. John is extremely knowledgeable and engaging, and a pleasure to work with. I’ve never once regretted turning my printing over to him and have recommended him to other photographers and artists. Truly a professional enterprise.

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