Scanning & Printing a Large Nude Under Glass

An artist’s mother brought a large, magnificent 3.5’x 4’ nude artwork in a glass-protected frame for scanning.  Having sold the artwork years earlier when an art student, her daughter had no prints of “The Italian Nude.” Her mother had tried to buy the original back from the owner, but she would not part with it at even quadruple the original price.

JMA_Italian Nude 09

“Italian Nude” by Catherine Mayell

Filled with sorrow at the loss, the artist’s mother convinced the owner to allow her to borrow “The Italian Nude” for digital capture.  She searched and the only company that she could find that could scan the original without removing the artwork from the frame was

At TheBigScan, we captured a detailed scan of the artwork preserving the subtle beiges and skin tones without having to remove the artwork from the frame. We color balanced and printed a Giclee that matched the original so well that the artist herself could not tell the difference between the original and the print! Artist Catherine Mayell said, “It was like having the original back in my possession.”

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  1. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work they all did for us. They poured so much attention into making us the best print possible. I have some background in printing and was impressed with their knowledge. Color management is highly complex and requires state-of-the-art equipment and expertise. They’ve got it all. I realized after visiting the premises and speaking with John Lorusso that I was dealing with one of the pioneers in this field. The final product lived up to my expectations, all without ever having to remove the print from the frame. We will return for future prints.

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