Scanning Large Format Vellum, Mylar and Architectural Documents

Architects, CAD and engineering firms, graphic designers, historic entities, museums and artists have common concerns about scanning large documents. Architects that work on historic restoration projects often need to digitize old building drawings that are very fragile and have excessive curl. These documents and drawings cannot be digitized with conventional scanners because the documents are often larger than the capacity of the scanners and conventional drawing scanners will damage or destroy the original document. If the documents are on translucent or transparent vellum or Mylar film, most document scanners will not be cable of digitizing the documents.

Last week Courtney Jordan and her husband, both professors at one of the premier art schools in Boston visited Parrot and She commented that she had previously had her mixed media works on Mylar scanned or photographed and printed by several “professionals” that claimed to be able to capture and print her work. When she saw the results of their scans and prints they made of her works she was very disappointed. In every attempt by the “professionals” significant detail was missing and density and color were not even close to the original.

Courtney saw our You Tube video of the Cruse Synchron Scanner scanning various works and after talking with us decided to scan several large mixed media works on Mylar film. She also asked Parrot to print the work that was most difficult to scan and print accurately.

“Terciary Event” | Courtney Jordan“Terciary Event” | Courtney Jordan

Two days later Courtney and her husband returned to view the results. They both were overcome with positive emotion commenting that “The scan and print are spot on!” Courtney also commented that “Every detail no matter how subtle was captured in the scan and the Artist Proof.”

Architects, engineering firms and historic entities love the Cruse Synchron scanner because it can scan old, brittle, large drawings with tears without damaging them. If the document is larger than the 48”x72” scanner capture capability, we can do multiple captures and digitally stitch the scans. More on our multi-scan stitching capabilities in a future post.

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  1. I just wanted to personally say “thank you” to John Lorusso for the wonderful work he did for me. He was so professional and knowledgeable, and very happy to answer any questions that my husband and I had on our first visit to his studio. He took the time to walk us through the scanning and printing processes, explaining the machines and showing us examples of what they could do. He really listened to me about my work and made sure that he understood the troubles that I’d had in capturing this work accurately in digital images before. Both my husband and I were extremely impressed with the quality of his studio and the examples that he showed us. My image scans really did turn out spectacularly! They are by far the best digital reproductions I’ve ever had made of my work, and the print he made was also truly excellent. — (It was closer to the original painting than I ever thought possible in a reproduction! I will definitely be having more made soon.) John was also extremely careful and professional in the handling of my original mixed media paintings, which can be tricky to deal with, and the turnaround time was extremely fast. I highly recommend John and “The Big Scan” for any professional artist looking to have high quality reproductions (scans and/or prints) made of their work. I’m sure I’ll be back soon! Thanks again,
    –Courtney J.

    • Courtney:
      Your work is amazing and we enjoyed collaborating with you and your husband. Looking forward to working on your next project soon!

      John L.

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